Jesus Calling Devotional 앱 리뷰

It never gets old!

I’ve been reading Jesus Calling for 10 years now - being reminded everyday that Christ is for me, He loves me, and that He is trustworthy God who has a good plan for me never gets old. The convenience of this app means I can read it everyday, wherever I am!

Great content, OUTDATED app

If you’re paying $9.99, you expect an app to be supported... not left adrift to collect funds without meaningful improvements. The iPhone X has been out for well over six months. It’s time to update the app.

Jesus Calling

The only true way to having a great day is knowing The love Jesus has for us. This devotional helps me stay in that mindset each day. Thanks you for publishing this beautiful reminder of Gods presents!

Blank screen!

Every time I open it, all I get is a blank screen. This just started happening, sometime after the end of June 2018.

Icon Gone

Your latest update eliminated the Jesus Calling icon photo. It’s now just a plain design grid.


I am not sure it’s a good idea to rephrase what Jesus himself said and to make your own twist to sound like they are His words. I feel His words are good enough.


I really treasure this app! I read it every morning and it always has just the right message I need to start my day!! Highly recommend it!!


Messed up recently! Since the latest update, it has Ames out of my iPhone everyday, needs to be download d again everyone I go to open it

Audio please

I love that Jesus Calling can be on my phone if I don’t have the bookform on my possession. I’m a very busy person and sometimes i really want to read it but i’m too busy but alot of times not too busy too listen such a sitting in traffic. So instead of all that wasted time in traffic could you please spare from out traffic frustration by providing an update to this app so we hear the Jesus Calling Devotional while sitting in traffic? Thank you so much!

Please add highlighter

I love this app!! I need a highlighter feature, please. Thank you. Rating would be a 5 if it had a highlighter. So important. Thank you.

Disappearing notes

Once again, the journaling disappears. So disappointed since i cannot write in my paper copy, as i am recovering from a stroke. PLEASE fix that. I use JESUS CALLING everyday. GOD always has a message there for me. Feb 7,2018 So disappointing since the messages seem to talk about exactly what I’m dealing with that day.


It is a great app but it keeps freezing and that’s frustrating when you go to it for your daily devotional

Improvements please!!

I love the readings everyday, but this app is not working correctly. EVERYTIME I open it, it opens to small print, it opens to the menu for the year??? Then it brings up your list of notes about how it works!! Then have to move it to today’s readings.... Been waiting for it to be corrected!

Great, but a couple glitches

I read these devotionals every day. They are great and inspiring. The app is not switching to the current day when I return to it. Sometimes the app freezes and I have to force quit it (this might be my iPad because it occasionally happens on other apps). iPad Pro 10.5” 2017 iOS 11.2.5

Simple functionalities needed

1/16/18 The ability to highlight text is needed. That’s what people do on paper and in other apps with material for spiritual growth and reflection. Also graphic design wise, the photo backgrounds selection to paste text over are not reader friendly. The variety and contrast of colors means no text color can be consistently visible over the background. This is God’s word and I’d like to be able to savor it with these simple fixes. Thank you.

The problems have been fixed

I am very happy with the app now. I quit reading the messages because I couldn’t read them in landscape view after the latest update. I really enjoy the messages and I’m so thankful to be able to read them again. My earlier reviews are below. ... Initial Review: I opened the app today and it's totally different and awful! It doesn't automatically open on today's message and the message is not written on an attractive background anymore. Hate it! Please change it back! .... Second Update: The app has finally been changed and it looks better although not as nice as the original. There is a big problem which is that the footer covers up part of the message and there's no way to read the bottom of the message without holding your finger on the screen while reading it. Please fix this glitch! Another problem is that the message sometimes opens on the previous day's message so you have to make sure that you know today's date. .... Third update: The app has been freezing up lately. I have been able to fix it by closing it and reopening it or rebooting my ipad but today that's not working. Now I can only read the portion of the message that comes up and cannot scroll down to read the remainder of the message. I also do not like that I can only copy and paste 300 words at a time. This makes it very difficult for me to save and organize meaningful messages for my own future reference. It looks like the author is more concerned about herself than others. .... Fourth Update: Ever since a recent update, I cannot view the app in landscape view on my ipad so I’m not looking at the messages anymore. My ipad is top heavy and falls out of my keyboard in the upright view. From the very beginning, I’ve been able to view it in landscape view and I’m so frustrated that that view is not available anymore — and I think I paid for this app! Harper Collins said they might address this in the future. I’ve never had more problems with any other app. I was happy with it at the beginning but they keep messing it up!

Thank you!!

The latest update is great, thank you! Functionality and readability are great! Appreciate the responsiveness and constantly working to improve the app and fix things. The content has always been amazing, so thank you!

Want to read landscape

New version does not flip to landscape on your iPad if you want to read it that way. This is very annoying for those of us who prefer this axis. Not sure why you would restrict this to only a portrait axis read. Let readers decide which way they want to read JC.

Great content but terrible font

Could you please bring back the serif font and line spacing used previously? It was so much easier to read.

Love the content - one request...

First, I love this app even though it’s not the same as the original one, simply because of the content. There is one thing that would would be nice —being able to switch easily to the Jesus Always content that I downloaded. It takes 3 or 4 steps, then you have to do that again to get back to the Jesus Calling material. I would be so nice to be able to toggle back and forth. Thank you.

Landscape vs Portrait. Nov 25, 2017

I want to be able to read Jesus Calling on my iPad in LANDSCAPE orientation, but am no longer able to do this. Please fix orientation issues.

Love the Content, but the app needs work

I have been reading Jesus is calling for 6 years now and have bought the book and apps for others over the years and has been a blessing to many. The content of the app is life changing, but the function needs work. On the last update it can’t be view in the landscape mode. It’s locked in one position. Please fix

Ready to boot, not reboot

Seriously, millions of people using this app and the developers can’t get it right?! Stuck in portrait mode, really?! Screen freezes, really? Super sensitivity, really?! Having to reboot the app on IOS on iPhone7 and iPad Air, seriously?! My subscription to almost every other app works 5 times better. Hire some techies who can actually make your updates not downgrades. You’re making God look bad. I am grateful for the content.

Still Love the Book but still buggy

Updated: Nov 21, 2017 - Love the content. Still worth buying, but buggy. Jumps to previous day. Can only view in portrait mode. Unable to view in landscape. Please fix. Previous Review: Like many, I have used this app for a long time and have enjoyed it so much I have gifted it to others. However, this latest update is a huge fail and takes away from the great content of the book. I am hopeful the developers of the app will quickly fix these issues. Is there a way uninstall the update?

Troublesone Update

Love the ap. However, this latest update presents the text only in portrait view. You removed the ability to view in landscape. Why? Please give us back this ability.

Landscape vs Portrait

I have always used this app in landscape position. However, after the latest update it will not change from the portrait setting. Please make this a choice again. Some of the new features are great such as opening to today's devotion. Retaining notes is more efficient. However, I have not been able to synchronize with the cloud and I always have a network connection. Thanks.


App creator just informed me that this new update keeps it stuck in "portrait" mode. They went on to say some users have suggested it be fixed, so it might be in "a future update".

Scrolling sensitivity

This is such a great app. I enjoy reading each message daily. It’s a positive and encouraging way to start the day. I highly recommend getting this app, however the scrolling sensitivity is way too high and it switches days just by scrolling when reading. I this issue was fixed I would give the app 5 stars.

Just what the Lord ordered

I love the daily messages and the reminders of Christ in and around us at all times. I look forward to reading them everyday to help guide me through life with Jesus by my side.

Would give a zero if I could

The content is awesome. The user experience: frustrating to say the least. Poor workflow and buggy to boot. Don't bother.

Audio not downloading after payment.

Wheres the audiobook? It stays on 0% trying to download. Ill be taking my money back.

Spiritual fulfillment

They seemed to have fixed all the bugs and issues everyone was complaining about. Easy to use and navigate. Many different text sizes available.

App no longer supported

Took a chance despite reading negative reviews on functionality. After a minute of downloading and using app, it froze - several times. Please update App! This is such a great devotional!

Great app!

This is a great devotional. One of my favorites!

Works Perfectly

Having read all of the negative reviews, I was initially reluctant to purchase the app but ultimately went ahead and did so anyway. The app is working 100% as intended on my 6S Plus with iOS 10.3.3.; I am experiencing none of the problems stated by other users. I also tested the audio feature, and it too works flawlessly. I am happy I made the purchase, and can see myself using Jesus Calling and other purchasable devos from the same series for a long time to come.

Problem with latest version

When I scroll down on the current day, it shifts immediately to the previous day.

Please bring some of the old version back

8/25-After entering a note that I would like to refer to, it disappears. Would still love an update with a highlighter option. ————— 12/16-Would still love an update with a highlighter option. ————— 5/16-Thank you for the recent updates. Much better than the last. One more thing...I would love to be able to highlight or underline portions of text that really speak to me. ————— 2016—I liked being able to copy and paste segments of the text onto my notes and then add my own thoughts after. • I liked the eye pleasing design of the last version. This is too bright and corporate like. • The line spacing on the daily devotion and especially on the Note area is too small for the point size of the font. • I would love a highlighter option like my Bible app offers. ————— Previous review—This is a wonderful app that helps me start my day in Gods Word and His Will. I love the ability to take notes and copy and paste when I want to apply the verse reference to it. I would however, like the ability to highlight and underline in the devotional like in my Bible app., and italicize and embolden in the notes. In other words, create a 'rich text' option.

New Version

I love this app. I read it every morning and it helps me connect in an intimate way with Jesus. I hear him speaking directly into my heart and I feel His presence. I love that the scriptures are written out. This helps to meditate on God's word for me. I also liked reading Sarah's personal letter and the ability to change the font. I also like being able to go back to the day before to read what The Lord spoke to me.

App needs help

Love Jesus Calling, but this version is not good at all. I can't read a full page without it scrolling to another day at lest 3-4 times.

So Buggy

I really wanted to have this digital version, but now I think I need to lose the $10 - and money is really tight - and just get the Kindle or hard copy. This app crashes, sticks, I can't navigate it without something locking up. Please consider fixing all of these bugs and issuing an update. Or maybe allows to return the app because it is not working.

Just what I need!

I love all of Sarah Young's daily devotional's! It seems when I an struggling the scripture is exactly whatI need! I love having the books of devotionals on my iPad & iPhone.

Do not upgrade to audio

Caution! Do no upgrade to the audio of this app! Not worth the almost $30 you will spend! You will need to download again and again.

The print changes are horrible!!

You did an update on the app recently and now when you scroll up to read it changes to a completely different date and page. It's almost impossible to get through one reading without losing your place 3 or 4 times. Very annoying. Please fix your app!!! I want to be able to scroll up when reading but do not want to go to a new month. FIX IT!

App locking up

Since I made the last update my app is locked up and unable to move up or down or to another day to read. Im afraid if I delete and redownload I will lose all the like stars I have set and I do not want to pay for it again since I already purchased.

Upgrade has issues

I love Jesus Is Calling and I have enjoyed this app. Unfortunately, with the upgrade, as you are scrolling down to read the daily devotions the page flips to the previous days devotion. Hopefully this can be fixed!

Upgraded not on point

A family member has a galaxy and did not have to pay for Audio why do IPhone users have to pay almost $30 that unethical if you want my review !!!

Won't open correctly.

I have 2 "Jesus Calling" books, and bought this app because a friend told me about it. Hers opens to the correct date and mine only reverts to Jan. 1. I hope they can fix this because it would be lovely to see the message for the day each day. I also wish I could contact someone about his.

App still has issues.

5/8 Review Two issues with the latest update. 1) The screen is extremely oversensitive to touch .... simply trying to scroll down shifts the screen to the previous days devotion. Very annoying. 2) release notes state that a swipe will move you to other purchased items like Jesus Always. It does not do this. Swipe Simple moves to previous day. Please update the bug fix and release notes to better describe the new improved method of going between books or maybe a fix of the feature. Updating my review again. Better but still not right. The main issue is the top and bottom 'banners' overwrite the screen.... They go away when I scroll and when I lift my finger they reappear and cover my text. It was better when they remained stationary. Hopefully this will be fixed in the new new new release. I'd be happy with the original. 😊 Updating my review.... Unfortunately the app still has issues. Intermittently when you tap the screen to scroll down the page shrinks in on the sides and the scroll function stops. The only fix is to arrow back to the main page and reopen today's reading. Today I had to do this 6 times in order to get to the bottom. Please fix this!!! I miss the original version!!! I'm very disappointed in the update. The font is too small. After opening the app, today's reading is highlighted, but when tapped Jan 1 pops to the top of the screen and you have to scroll down to today's date. The screen is all text and unpleasing to the eye. I haven't noticed any new features that warranted an 'upgrade'. Please restore the original version.

Please stop the freeze...

I love this app and look forward to reading every morning. I am a bit frustrated though that all the recent bug fixes have not fixed the freezing it does upon opening and then when you close it and reopen it starts back at January. Please include this problem in your next bug fix. Thanks in advance.

Persistent bug, don't waste your $$

I love the Jesus Calling books and have had the app for about a year. This year, however, there is a bug that prevents you from finishing reading today's devotional before going to the previous date. In other words, as you try to read April 30, the screen switches to April 29 after 2 seconds, and then April 28. I have reported the bug three times, and each time I get an automated email saying that they are aware and it will be fixed in a few days. It has been about two months and the bug is still not fixed. I am very disappointed in the lack of response from their technical team.

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