Jesus Calling Devotional App Reviews

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New version does not look good

The content of this devotional continues to be very good (5 stars). I can recommend it. But I do not like any more the apperance/layout of the new version. The old version was very good in this regard. Please change it soon again. If you want to make an improvement, it would be helpful to have all notes and markers on all devices (iphone, ipad etc. )

Dont update!

I used to love this app, have been using the book and now the app for years! The new update changes the whole design! Its not centred anymore, the font is different and all in all way more difficult to read! I wish Id known, because I really dislike the ugliness of it now! Maybe I should buy the book again...

Doesnt work

Quits immediately on start up

Great app

A great app for the iPad. Same content as the book. It writes out the Scriptures for you which is even better than buying the book. Loads up with no problems. A great devotional and a great way to keep your devotions near you through the day. Highly recommended.

Great app/content

Love this book - app makes it even better!

Beautiful way to start your day

This app is awesome! No issues whatsoever. The devotionals are powerful and inspiring. Highly recommend!

Pause for reflection

Meaningful and inspiring daily messages that have helped to ground me and to move forward in the day with less stresses. Unfortunately the somewhat brief messages do not justify the price.

Very well done

I enjoy this authors writing. I especially love that I can open this devotional anywhere. Thanks for creating this app.

Jesus Calling

This book has literally changed my outlook on life...

Gift this app doesnt work!!

The best devotional ever! But very much disappointed. I finally was able to figure out the "gift the app" and send it to my friend. I got charged but my friend didnt received it. How can I get the refund now????

Bad Update!

It was a fantastic app until the update:( Now the date is wrong, shows I always have a notification, scrolling is awkward, and the words are way too small. Very disappointed:(

Mixed up dates

The recent update got the dates mixed up. Today is January 10 and your devotional date shows January 11. Please fix it.

Jesus Calling

Great app except there is no way to retrieve your money if the email for the person you are gifting ( or they do not have a phone that accepts the app or if an error was made).This happened to me and I paid for a gift no one received.This is a rip off I feel and there should be some way to be compensated.


I love the old app but this version is so small that I cant see it and when I enlarge the font the lines run off the screen. I feel so sad because I loved the old version but this is not something that I want to even try to read and in its current state, it is unusable. Can I please have the old "unupdated" version back?

Bad update

The reminder function no longer launches the app. Also it defaults to the wrong date!

Terrible update

Much harder to use, even the date is incorrect - the app selects one day ahead. Good job I have the book - I want a refund for this app

New Year Update is Terrible

I loved Jesus Calling, the beautiful background and fonts was a perfect ambiance to growing closer to God through this awesome devotional with great scripture. The new war update however is so boring!!! There is NO BACKGROUND, with PLAIN FONT, I really hope they fix this! Its just not the same, not at all!!!

Updates should be improvements

Very disappointed to find it had been updated with a poorer display. I liked opening up to the daily message which was presented so nicely. Now it is just a text document in small print and I have to find the correct date to even open the message. If it would have looked like this when I first saw it, I would have chosen not to buy it. Im glad to see that there are more updates coming, I hope presentation tops the list!

Gifting not available!!!!

I toggled your gift box at bottom of home page. Doesnt go directly to gifting as it did before but sends you to an APP store page which is a waste of time. Then I cancelled that attempt and went directly to my APP Store APP on my own iPhone and several pages later could not find any way to gift because my IPhone already has this Jesus Calling App and so it shows as "Open" only. No where can I find "gift it". I have tried 3 different times and I now will give up trying to give 3-5 copies away and provide you 3-5 sales. This version is the WORST EVER. VERY DISAPPOINTED!! Why you ever chose these folks to re do your APP was clearly a mistake based on the almost unanimous poor reviews.

Not good

Old version was better - used it daily! Now cant read: font too small, cant adjust and zooming larger on iPad wont auto adjust to space or allow to shift side to side to view text. Date incorrect also. Cant use this way ... Please return to old version!

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