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Ive sat on the sideline and we had a miracle

Dec 8, 2016-Wow! God works miracles. Not perfect, but so much improved I wont complain. In time for great holiday gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being open and listening. Please, please put forward any ideas for changes out for feedback first. Its free for you and your users have the best interest in your product. Change yes, but for the sake of change no. Bless you! 6/6/16 update. Something told me to check my app updates since I turned off auto updates after learning the hard way. Thought about not risking the update, but decided to chance it since it cant be any worse. I only checked two things. 1)Was it the old app that worked so well prior to 1/16? 2)Did they listen to us and trust us enough to restore the original copy/paste feature? If you thought they were listening they arent. Still limits you to 300 character copy and paste. Not the old app either. Go no further. Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200. Maybe, just maybe, sales will decrease enough that they will layoff all the app software developers and the find someone that puts it back the way it was when we paid for it just before the lights go out. This is a perfect example of when the DSUD (dream stuff up department) tries to fix something that isnt broken. Its blatantly obvious that they do not care what their customers think because anyone who can read and comprehend English would change it back or at least listen to customers suggestions. (They think they know whats best) I had hoped and prayed they would come around, but to no avail. Will check again when next update is released, but until then buy the nice bound leather version. OLD REVIEW BELOW: Software developers have to change things or they would not have a job. Does that justify what they did? No, but that is their motive. I use to use the copy feature to send the daily devotional to a friend with whatever comments that I was moved to write and he would do the same. We would not read each others until ours was written. It was not only amazing, but fun. We could even look back to the same date a year earlier and see how our interpretation had changed. All of that including the historical value was destroyed. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL is that we both had paid for app versions. As well as purchasing literally 100s of copies of the written version to hand out to people whose paths we crossed, we would eventually encourage them to purchase the electronic version. We still use the printed version as a ministry. However, I can not encourage the purchase of the current electronic version. The 300 character limitation is worse than having the feature turned off. If the publishers motivation is purely monetary, I would gladly pay $20 for the old version again. Yes, that would be charging twice for something I had already paid for, but this current version is worthless. What we received with the old version is priceless. Remember, the publishers will stand to answer for their actions to the highest authority. Selah

Better, but still frustrating.

I LOVED the Jesus calling app, but now after several updates it is frustrating to use. I liked how it was in the beginning where just opening the app took you right to that days devotional. Then you were able to swipe left and right to go to the next or previous days devotional. The way it is now you have to click on the back arrow and pic another day, which you can only go forward or you have to search for a specific day which is a pain. Please bring back the swiping left and right ease of use that is so wonderful in so many other apps. If you did this it would be perfect.

Mostly Good Updates

Mostly good update this time. However, if you miss a day, or want to go back and re-read a previous day, its frustrating to have to do a "Search", as opposed to just viewing the days/ titles on one screen as in original app. That would be a helpful update next time around. Thanks.

Praise God

You finally listened to your customers!! Well done good and faithful servant

Much better!

I just wanted to say thank you for taking into consideration the feedback from users regarding this app. Its my favorite part of the day and a great start to my day. I do want to suggest one thing- I would like to possibly see the scriptures on the bottom of the devotional be in a different font or text, maybe italicized, just to make it stand out from the devotional. This really, to me, emphasizes how important scripture is and how relevant it is to what is being said. This is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but just a suggestion. Again, thanks for all of the wonderful changes!

A great app again!!!

Thank you so much for bringing back the unrestricted copy and past feature. Ive had my book for years and have given it to others. I purchased the app so I could share the good news with others. I was VERY disappointed when the feature was removed as I was not able to share the message on social media. People have been encouraged by my posting it daily. Some have said they purchased the book. If I can reach 1 person who needs these messages then weve done our job. I feel I am an Ambassador of Jesus Calling helping to spread the message of Jesus. Thank you, thank you!

Great update!

Thank you for bringing unrestricted copy and paste back! Now I can continue sharing the messages occasionally with family and friends. People have said they have bought the book or the app after reading some of the messages. Blessings to you for all your work on all these updates!

Love the update!!

Thanks for listening and making changes—makes me love this devotional even more. You really take care of your customers! Love the updated features. I was able to export and save my notes for backup. And I LOVE that I can copy and paste and share as much as I want!

Best Christian Resource Ive ever had

This book/daily app has become my routine, along with reading the Bible. I open it every morning to receive Gods invitation into His comfort and it both stirs and settles my soul so that my spirit can truly meet God. ❤️

Love the content not the app

The devotionals are great, unfortunately the app is low quality. The inability to share the daily Devo to others via the IOS share functionality is a joke. Then additionally limiting to 300 characters is an obvious money grab. Id expect the developers to sell many more paid versions, as I have, if users could easily share encouragement and devo to others with a tasteful link to the app at the end after the Devo or verse like the Bible App does. This app assumes if we are touched by a reading we want to share the whole app not the content from that day. To those of us that used to somewhat painfully get around this via copy and paste are now stymied via the 300 character rule. Im now taking 2 screen shots and sending to share. Yuck.

No looking back

On my iPhone I cant look at the previous day devotional if I didnt save it as a favorite. Wont scroll on the home page.

Lost ALL my notes

I had two years worth of notes and the recent update wiped them all out. Does anyone know if its possible to get them back? Looking in the app menu theres no way to contact them. Sadness: (

Fix the Copy Feature

This has always been a great app... of course, its the word of God. The issue is that they have now limited how many characters you can copy to 300. This has nothing to do with iOS, it has to do with the publisher. Sometimes I want to share what the blessing is. Its nice to simply copy and paste to an email to friends and family. You used to be able to do this in earlier versions, but now they limited it to 300 characters. Im guessing the publisher would say if other people want the word and blessing they need to buy it. Sad... as Christians, you are to share the word not always charge for it anytime you can. The share feature does nothing but include a link back to the app in the iTunes Store for people to buy the app. Christians are now at the tables in the Temple. In the end, screen shot works just as well. Btw: Before this change, people I emailed quotes from this app ended up either buying the app or book. I cant share anymore so it really hurts potential sales they could have.

Love the app, but...

Latest version frequently locks up on my iPad for no apparent reason (not a result of changing font size, etc.). 300-character limit on copy&paste is annoying, but I understand possible reason for that limitation.

Cant read yesterdays posting

I have had this app for years and have gifted it to many people. All the content is still wonderful but it is not a useful app anymore. I appreciate you trying to make it more user-friendly and it is better than a few months ago. I am very disappointed that I cant go and read previous days if I have missed it. If possible, could you please fix that so we can read the days we missed from the week when we have time.


Can you guys add like a tracking or calendar feature that allows you to see how many days you have read in a row??

I want the old version back!

Another update is at the bottom. I opened the app today and its totally different and awful! It doesnt automatically open on todays message and the message is not written on an attractive background anymore. Hate it! Please change it back! .... Update: The app has finally been changed and it looks better although not as nice as the original. There is a big problem which is that the footer covers up part of the message and theres no way to read the bottom of the message without holding your finger on the screen while reading it. Please fix this glitch! Another problem is that the message sometimes opens on the previous days message so you have to make sure that you know todays date. .... Second update: The app has been freezing up lately. I have been able to fix it by closing it and reopening it or rebooting my ipad but today thats not working. Now I can only read the portion of the message that comes up and cannot scroll down to read the remainder of the message. I also do not like that I can only copy and paste 300 words at a time. This makes it very difficult for me to save and organize meaningful messages for my own future reference. It looks like the author is more concerned about herself than others.

Dont like new version

I downloaded the update. Open the app and was so disappointed. I hate the text font, it seems like its difficult to read, cant see most all of the devotion a one page like I used to!!!! Its very difficult to copy paste and share. Which is one of the reasons the app is there. So that you can share it with others who need that message that day!!! its just not the same I want the old version back!!!! I am not enjoying the app like I used to and I am so disappointed because this was a big part of my day!!! Does anyone know if theres a way to undo an update??


I am with Bmemoms comment on the copy/paste issue that was working in previous versions that now isnt allowing you to copy/paste all at one time......

Still waiting… Again

Well you went from the one start to a two star with the updates in March or whenever it was earlier this year. What happened to the promised update in August that would fix a lot of this crap that you broke in January? We were also promised audio capabilities for this app. Ive never had issues like this with ANY app! - Disgruntled in Dallas

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